NUA FLOW Review quote from the living tradition Magazine 

There is more than one group sporting the word Nua - or “new” - in its name. This is the second album by the Canadian trio of that ilk and a very fine effort it is too. It is also one of those recordings where the finished product is far more interesting than the breakdown of who plays what suggests it is going to be.


The trio from Toronto have a line-up which consists of Graeme McGillivray (guitars, etc), James Law (fiddle) and Jacob McCauley (bodhrán). If that sounds a little heavy in the rhythm…

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Guelph Mercury Newspaper Quote 

"Anchored by Jacob McCauley, one of the best bodhran players of any age..." Quote from Robert Reids article on the 2013 Mill Race Folk Festival and Jacob's trio NUA's Saturday afternoon performance. 

An in depth look at Jacob McCauley's involvement in the new trad trio NUA 

As a follow up to our album review of NUA, the first release by a new Canadian group featuring Jacob McCauley we thought it would be interesting to look in some detail at the four tracks on the EP. They are complex multi layered compositions and we spoke to Jacob to better understand the creative process and how they as a band approached the recording. You can listen and buy this EP at and in conjunction with Jacob's thoughts you get a real feel for what goes into music like this.

The album is a…

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NUA EP Review Quote 

"Jacob McCauley’s bodhran becomes emotive, giving us an impression that this percussion has finally reached its tonal height and is capable of being a lead instrument"

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