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Online Workshop Series - #13: Tonal Changes: The Use of Melody in Your Playing

Melody in bodhrán playing is a rather new concept and can be a challenge to both learning the technique and how to properly add to it your playing. As we learned the basics in the previous workshop (Utilizing the Back-Hand and Understanding Back-Hand Technique) we will now explore further into the technique for melodic playing as well as how we can begin to tastefully add it into our grooves.

Online Workshop Series - #12: Ornamentation Part 2

Continuing where we left off in part 1 of the Ornamentation workshop we will explore further into the many possibilities of the single-end style with the primary focus on ornamentation in Jigs and Reels. We will now begin to apply what we have learned into our grooves and discover new ways to practice executing triplets, rolls, and other intricate sticking patterns.

Online Workshop Series - #11: Syncopation: Technique and Application

Syncopation can be found in many tunes as well as can be added to enhance your grooves in Jigs, Reels etc. In this workshop we will explore how to properly play syncopation, focus on technique/sticking as well as when it should be used. In the second half we will explore some tunes that feature syncopation and learn how to play them.

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