Online Virtual Jam Session Series #2 - Irish Tunes Part 1 - Reels (Session and Breakdown Package)

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Session: May 28th - 1PM - 3PM

Breakdown: June 11th - 1PM - 3PM

The virtual jam series carries on next to focus on different types of Irish tunes starting with Reels. We'll be playing a variety of traditional Irish reels from old standards to a few more recent compositions in the traditional style. There will be varying tempos from a few slower reels to a few blistering fast reels with an emphasis medium to medium fast to accommodate different levels of players. Feel free to ask any brief questions during the virtual session, but please leave any more in-depth questions for the breakdown workshop to follow.

Following each virtual session, we will take a look at some of the tunes and break them down to go over different grooves and ideas to fit the music. There is never only a single way to play a tune, so the goal is to come up with different ideas to formulate various grooves that complement the music. Participants are also very much encouraged to share/demonstrate their own ideas as well as ask any questions. Creating a discussion is always a great way to share ideas and discover new ways to play a tune.