Jacob McCauley

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After too many years of bad habits,Jacobs really helped me clean up my playing and work on my technique. Thumbs up from me.
Jacob is a great teacher who has loads of experience, expertise and most importantly patience!!! His passion for the bodhrán is easy to see and it is also very infectious. Nothing was ever a problem and he definitely improved me a player.
Jacob's a fantastic teacher of the bodhran. Always do enjoy our lessons together and have learned a great deal.
Jacob is a generous teacher by wholeheartedly sharing his musical passion. He has very high standards for your journey with Celtic music, and that makes your experience as a student very rewarding. The mentorship goes beyond learning drumming techniques, to include advising and ordering just the right drum for you, which is a very special experience!
I have been taking lessons with Jacob for many years now and have seen him interact with a lot of different students in private ( with me) and in group lessons and I have really enjoyed his style of teaching, he is always willing to give you what you need and gently correct bad habits you may have picked up along the way, but I also like the fact that he is open to let you play in your own style as well. Jacob also likes to challenge the students to think outside the box in a fun and interactive way that has helped my playing immensely. Jacob also draws on his knowledge of other musical instruments that he plays so you get a real feel of playing .I would highly recommend Jacob as an instructor from novice to expert.
You are in great hands with Jacob as your bodhran teacher. He is well versed in all the nuances of the instrument and he communicates them with great clarity. He is adept at finding the right metaphors or examples to fully illuminate a concept. Through out a lesson or workshop, He stays tuned in to what the student(s) could use the most to get the best out of the session.
Jacob has helped me over the years to refine my technique and fix bad habits that have plagued me for a very long time. He is a patient teacher who can find just what you need to work on and help you step up your playing time and time again. Thanks Jacob!
Jacob is indeed a talented musician. He is also a gifted teacher. He seems to know exactly what you need to work on, however small and subtle that may be. He is certainly good at motivating you to raise your bar.
First and foremost, Jacob is extremely talented. He is also realizes that not two students are the same and does his best to individualize his approach whenever possible. Of course, this works better in private lessons than in workshops, but even in groups he will be sure that individuals know the point he is making. For him the foundations are crucial. So a beginner might find the content of the lessons going slowly but once those foundations are mastered progress increases. He is pleasant and encouraging while being honest. I have had four teachers and went to Jacob after a serious hand injury. He has made me feel that my struggle is his struggle and he has kept me from giving up.