Jacob McCauley

Helpful Links:

www.bodhranmaker.de (Bodhráns by Christian Hedwitschak as played by Jacob) 

http://tippermaker.eu (Tippers by Stevie Moises and Christian Hedwitschak as played by Jacob) 

http://falconwood.nl (Tippers by Gordon Falconer of Falconwood Tippers and maker of Jacob's Signature Tippers) 

www.beatobags.com (Superb Percussion Cases and Maker of Jacob's Custom Bodhrán Cases) 

http://riversidecelticcollege.ca (Ontario's Premier College of Traditional Music, Language and Dance) 

http://celticmusicfan.com  (Reviews, Interviews and Articles on Traditional/Celtic Music) 

http://tradconnect.com (Traditional Music's Number One Social Networking Site)

http://millracefolksociety.com (Folk Society in the Cambridge Ontario Area and Organizer of the Mill Race Folk Festival)